About Us

Biloxi has always been blessed with people dedicated to helping the City reach its phenomenal potential. In 1989 such a group of energetic business and community leaders came together to discuss better ways of promoting and enhancing the City of Biloxi. Inspired by the original Biloxi Chamber of Commerce and a similar organization in Louisiana, the New Orleans Business Council, this group of visionary men and women decided to make promoting Biloxi a priority. They formed the Biloxi Bay Business Council, which became the Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce in May 1993. Today, the #BBACC is over 1,000 members strong and continues to grow.

The organization maintains its mission to enhance and promote the City of Biloxi, and its many accomplishments illustrate that the group is indeed successfully directing the path for Biloxi’s exciting future.

Since its inception, the#BBACC has served as a voice for Biloxi, celebrating the City’s positive aspects and encouraging projects to showcase its best features. In the past, the group has sponsored activities and spearheaded projects that made the most of all Biloxi has to offer.

The Chamber achieves such impressive success through the hard work and commitment of seven committees:

  • Cultural Arts
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Membership & Ambassadors
  • Government Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Tourism & Promotions

Each committee is chaired by a Chamber Vice President, who heads the committees’ activities.

“We are always ready to help shape a bright and strong future for the City of Biloxi.”